Esther (your host)

me2018Esther is a former child actor who peaked at sixteen, but continues to participate in community theatre against her better judgment. She split her childhood between Detroit, MI and Houston, TX, a strange culture mix enough to warp any person permanently.

She holds degrees in both psychology and social work, but is not an expert on either subject. Her interests include speaking to a captive audience, sampling the local hard ciders, and pretending to be the smartest person in the room. She lives in Michigan with her husband (and occasional podcast guest) Bob, children, and pets.

She wishes she could befriend the local crows.



Bob lives a life surrounded by books. Literally as well as figuratively. His house is full of books, seriously he has a problem. When not reading, he is writing, narrating audiobooks, writing book reviews, or working in a bookstore. A quick summary of his life: he was in the Army, learned Russian, had dinner with Gordie Howe and breakfast with Bruce Campbell (not in the same day), almost knocked over Bob Seger in a gas station, drove a car off a cliff, and got 18 autographs tattoo’d on his body. ( events listed are actual and in no particular order)



John died in 1929 in an unfortunate carriage accident precipitated by gin, an elderly horse, a narrow cliff, and the outrages of gravity. He was unmourned. Due to this, or to some strange caprice, his spirit can be heard on various podcasts, usually discussing comic books everyone has read or films no one has seen. The rumor that he can be observed in mirrors, at night, out of the corner of one’s eye, has as of yet been unsubstantiated.



Ann is an introverted, queer, millennial, fan girl. She is most comfortable at home and with her rescue dogs. Her second choice is fan girling about all things geek and nerd. When not podcasting you can find her crafting and playing Nintendo. 





Snapchat-629630931Zach’s childhood dream was to be a comedian but settled for “the funny guy at the party” and “obsessive nerd” as he got older. He spends most of his time playing video games, analyzing movies, and finding holes in the simulation we live in. His current life goals are making music that makes you feel something and being the best role model for his cat.




imageAndrew is the kind of guy who will overanalyze books and TV shows and other media, making him a perfect addition to a podcast that does just that!







IMG_4828Katie has many changing goals and aspirations among which are to become a comic book artist, firefighter, DNR officer, art teacher, Etsy crafter, gardener, linguist, translator, language tutor, tree climber, writer, pottery collector, museum curator, tiny house blogger, travel blogger, youtuber, and career counselor. She currently lives with her boyfriend and two chinchillas on temporary unemployment.



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Who is Devin from Book Club episodes 1-3? Will we ever know? Did we imagine him? Will he ever return?