Sometimes Always explores common situations, emotions, and experiences, as well as the strangeness, the pain, and the paradoxes of human relationships, social norms, and behavior, while finding the humor and the absurdity of it all.

We discuss the strangeness in the ordinary.

We bare our souls for your entertainment.

We are not for everyone.

No friends? Join Nikki, Esther and Alex as they navigate life. You’ll feel like your hanging out with your three best friends over drinks. Join us!

A bit about us

Nikki talks more than she should and can’t seem to say no even if her life depended on it. So with that in mind she works more than she should, has countless commitments, and always has something to say, but busy is her happy so it works out in the end.  It is safe to say that there has rarely been a time in her life when she has not been performing, whether it is on the stage or behind a microphone she loves an audience. In full copy of Esther (she really is the smartest person in the room) she loves to sample the ciders too. She lives in Michigan with her husband, children and pets as well. She is pretty sure she would be happy as a witch.

Esther is a classically trained actor who peaked at sixteen, but continues to participate in community theatre against her better judgment. She holds degrees in both psychology and social work, but is hardly an expert on either subject. Her interests include speaking to a captive audience, sampling local hard ciders, and pretending to be the smartest person in the room. She lives somewhere in Michigan with her husband, children, and pets. She wishes she could befriend the local crows.

Why are we doing a podcast?

“Not because I have something important to say, because I don’t.”


“Baring our souls for your entertainment.”


What do you want to hear us talk about?